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The Signs of Pregnancy In Women That They Don’t Talk About

We all know the basic signs of pregnancy which include:
• Missed period
• Nausea and vomiting
• Fatigue
• Headache
• Mood swings, and all the other stuff
But has anyone ever told you the other hidden discomforts that come with being pregnant? If you just got pregnant or are planning to get pregnant, you will find this article very helpful . It is advisable to call your husband close so he reads with you, lol!
Before I proceed, it is important to note that every woman has her own unique signs and symptoms , so, not everyone will experience all the symptoms below. In Nigeria, it is believed that the signs of pregnancy in a woman with a baby boy differ from those of a woman with a baby girl, maybe that’s the reason.
Change in sense of taste
This is medically known as Dysgeusia. It can be very frustrating as it makes you hate the kind of foods you love. I remember when I was pregnant, my favourite food, rice tasted like saw dust, pineapple tasted like urine, lol! If you find yourself in this situation , what to do is start trying other foods that you never liked hopefully you will find another favourite. Again, you might want to leave your food to get sour a little, I heard most women prefer it that way.
Change in Olfaction
This is the change in the sense of smell. I know you are thinking about the normal heightened sense of smell, but that’s not what I’m talking about. When there is change in olfaction, you may hate the smell of your favorite perfume and prefer the smell of a very dirty public toilet, yes! It’s that bad. I’ve heard of someone who liked going to public toilets to breathe, Hahahahah! Ridiculous, right? Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time before you put to bed and forget all about it.
Full hair and smooth skin
Not all pregnancy symptoms are bad, It is really relieving to know that while baking your sweet little one, you are not going to be looking all ugly. I am not a medical doctor, but I think it has to do with pregnancy hormones. Most women notice their hair becoming fuller, longer and darker during pregnancy, however, the hairs shed about 2 months after delivery. Enjoy it while it lasts, haha! The skin also becomes brighter and smoother but this stays on sometimes.
Low self esteem
This sounds funny, but it is true that pregnancy hormones heighten your senses including your emotions . Low self esteem is when a person feels Inferior and Inadequate. If you are someone who sometimes have doubts about your confidence, pregnancy hormones can heighten that feeling and leave you with serious low self esteem. People who are obsessed with their looks and find confidence with the way they look also happen to feel inferior once their bodies start changing during pregnancy, leaving them with low self esteem. It is very important you talk to a shrink if you feel this way so you can be counselled on how to deal with it, because it is not certain that your body will snap back to the way it was , after childbirth.
This is one of the general signs of pregnancy in women less talked about. In some women, it starts in the first trimester and lasts throughout the pregnancy, while in some women, it eases off around the second trimester and sets in again in the third trimester and lasts till they put to bed. You might also not feel it at all until the third trimester, it all depends on how your body wants it. To relieve this, have a shower or a bath and put on comfortable clothes, don’t wear one cloth for a very long time. You might want to bathe and change clothes 3 to 6 times a day, it helps.
Eczema, pimples and rashes
If you are living in Nigeria, you already know how hot it can get during dry season, and coupled with the sweating that comes with pregnancy, it is really difficult to escape having one of these. Some women even manage to grab the 3, lol! To prevent this, bathe 3 to 6 times a day and put powder on your body after each bathe , it helps reduce the itching that comes with heat rashes. As for the eczema and pimples I think drug stores can help you with good ointments.
Sleep discomfort
As your pregnancy progresses, your stomach becomes bigger and you may find it more difficult to find a good sleeping position. If you like sleeping on your back, you will find out that once you try it, nobody will tell you to change position. Yes! It will feel as if you are about to suffocate, you won’t be able to breath fine. For stomach sleepers, sorry, you won’t be able to sleep on your stomach as your own lovely stomach will hang you above your bed, It’s like sleeping on a football, lol! If you want to prevent this, once you get pregnant, start practicing how to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your left side is recommended by doctors as it helps to increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta, so you might want to start practicing so that before you get to this stage, it’s already a norm for you, if not, you could find it difficult finding a good position to sleep in, thereby resulting in restless and sleepless nights later on in your pregnancy.
Heartburn and constipation
I had this when I was pregnant. I remember calling my doctor 5 times a week to tell him it’s getting worse! He explained that pregnancy slows down the digestive system, so food stays longer in the stomach and the intestines, causing heartburn and/or constipation. As the baby grows bigger, she will start pressing on your stomach and large intestines which can only make the whole thing worse. I will warn you that it is not going to stop until you’ve had your baby, so put on your patience shoes and wait it out.
Hot hands and feet in pregnancy
This sign of pregnancy in women occurs most times, during the third trimester. I had this too, my hands and feet were so hot to a point that I thought maybe I am sick and I don’t know it. Sometimes your hands and feet could get so hot that when someone gives you a handshake, they would feel it! When I asked my doctor, he assured me that all was well as it could happen as a result of increased blood volume and circulation. To relieve this, you might want to get a damp cloth and place on your feet, then get another damp cloth and keep beside you so you can touch and hold it from time to time.
Swollen nose
We are not surprised with swollen hands and feet right? What about swollen nose? I can hardly contain my laughter here! In most women, this starts towards the end of second trimester and keeps increasing until you put to bed. It changes the entire feature of your face. Some people might even describe you with “the lady with a big nose” not knowing that the size of your nose isn’t the real size of your nose. To relieve this, hurry up and put to bed so that everyone will shift the focus from your nose to your little one, by the time they shift back to you, your nose must have gone back to its original size….*wink!
The body of a woman goes through a lot to accommodate a baby, and it is very normal to experience these things, good things don’t come easy, they say. However, you should meet your doctor if you feel all is not well, as it could mean the onset of a complication. Don’t rely on “they said” until you get yourself checked by your doctor. Good luck!

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